Where are you located?
We are located in Nairobi CBD, along Ronald Ngala Street, Mezzanine Floor, Shop M7

How can you be contacted?
You can contact us through call/text/whatsapp on +254791607946/+254736719676/ 0112150200

Do you have a facebook shop page?
Glorious Households a facebook shop page. On facebook search for Gloriousn Households, click on the shop tab. Alternatively check : https://web.facebook.com/GloriousHouseholds

Do you have an instagram account?
Glorious Households’ Instagram account is @GloriousHouseholds

Do you have a google business account?
Search for Glorious Households in the Google Search engine and click on the shop image to see more.

Does one pay before or after delivery?
All payments are done when the order is made. However, on special arrangements, the payment can be made on delivery.

How does one pay?
One can pay through Mpesa Till number: 5885019. Visa card and all mobile money transfer methods are acceptable.

Can one pay in installments?
The preferred mode of payment is one off payment. However, on a case by case basis, clients can pay in installments upfront and pick
the items after payment of the last installment. Any other arrangements can still be discussed.

Do you deliver goods to clients?
Delivery option is available at applicable parcel service costs for clients who are not within Nairobi CBD. For clients who are within Nairobi CBD
and buying at retail price, delivery is done free of charge.

How long is the delivery time?
Within Nairobi and its environs, delivery is the same day. However, delivery to other parts of the country is the next day.

Do you deliver to clients preferred pick up points?
Delivery is done to clients pick up points for clients within Nairobi and its environs. However, deliveries to other parts of the country
are done to the parcel service provider’s nearest office to the client. The client picks the items from the parcel service provider’s
nearest office.

Do you have branches in other towns apart from Nairobi?
Glorious Households does not have branches in other parts of the country. However, there are agents and resellers in some parts of the
country which also act as pick up points for our products.

Can one return a broken item?
The client can return a broken item if the cause of breakage is from Glorious Households. Otherwise, the responsibility is transferred
to the client once the item has been sold.

Where do you get your goods?
Glorious Households has both local and overseas suppliers.